The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone

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4K ULTRA / BLU-RAY: The Dead Zone. STARRING: Christopher Walken, Brooke Adams, Tom Skerritt, Martin Sheen, Herbert Lom, Anthony Zerbe, Colleen Dewhurst, Nicholas Campbell, Simon Craig, Sean Sullivan, Jackie Burroughs, Peter Dvorsky, Leslie Carlson, Géza Kovács, Barry Flatman. DIRECTOR: David Cronenberg. WRITER(S) Jeffrey Boam...Stephen King. PRODUCER(S) Debra Hill. STUDIO: Shout Factory. RATING: R. GENRE: Drama, Horror, Sci Fi. RUNTIME: 103 Min. FORMAT: 4K Ultra, Blu-Ray. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 12 / 19 / 2023. RETAIL PRICE: $29.99.

SUMMARY: David Cronenberg directs this suspenser from Stephen King's novel about Johnny Smith, a schoolteacher (Christopher Walken) who awakens from a five-year coma to discover he has the ability to see a person's future simply by coming into physical contact with him or her. When Smith is recruited to help the police solve a murder, the horrific psychic visions he experiences make him wonder if his new abilities are a gift or a curse.

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