Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise

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4K ULTRA / BLU-RAY: Evil Dead Rise (Warner Bros.100th Anniversary Edition). STARRING: Lily Sullivan, Alyssa Sutherland, Morgan Davies, Gabrielle Echols, Nell Fisher, Noah Paul, Richard Crouchley, Mirabai Pease, Anna-Maree Thomas, Jayden Daniels, Billy Reynolds-McCarthy, Bruce Campbell. DIRECTOR: Lee Cronin. WRITER(S) Lee Cronin...Sam Raimi.. PRODUCER(S) STUDIO: Warner Bro. RATING: R. GENRE: Horror. RUNTIME: 96 Min. FORMAT: 4k Ultra, Blu-Ray, Digital HD. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 6 / 27 / 2023. RETAIL PRICE: $27.99.

SUMMARY: MOMMY LOVES YOU TO DEATH. A twisted tale of two estrange sisters whose reunion is cut short by the rise of flesh-possessing demons, thrusting them into a primal battle for survival as they face the most nightmarish version of family imaginable.

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