X-Men: Heir Of Apocalypse # 1

X-Men: Heir Of Apocalypse # 1

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COMIC BOOK: X-Men: Heir Of Apocalypse # 1. PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics. WRITER(S) Steve Foxe. ARTIST: Netho Diaz. COVER ARTIST: Dotun Akande. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 6 / 12 / 2024. COVER PRICE: $4.99. GENRE: Action / Adventure, Sci-Fi, Superhero. RATING: Teen +.

STORY TITLE: " SUMMARY: For centuries, Apocalypse tested the mutants of Earth to guarantee that only the strong would survive. Now, as he takes his throne on Arakko, another must rise in his place and ensure the mutants of Earth do not grow weak in his absence! Twelve mutants chosen from the X-Men's greatest heroes — and villains — will compete for the honor, but only one can become… the HEIR OF APOCALYPSE!

CHARACTER(S) On The Cover: Penance (Monet St. Croix), Wolverine (Laura Kinney), Cable (Nathan Summers), Sunspot (Roberto Da Costa), Moonstar (Dani Moonstar), Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur).

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